No way. That’s fucking gnarly. 

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May I never be complete. May I never be content. May I never be perfect. (by Ibreathenomore)

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bevsi hurt my heart so i keep doodling funny things

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Wouldn’t it be nice to walk together?

In Russia, my sweetheart had me playing the harmonica all the time. I don’t know the first thing about playing the harmonica. To say the least, she was smitten. 

And many a night was spent singing to each other like drunken cats oh so in love


KC Lange
Old Gold Tattoo
Bellingham, WA

Instagram: @xkclangex

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Okay, I waited almost 50 sec and now I have to upload this masterpiece.

Hahaha. Oh, god.

You remembered what I look like and everything


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Wow, thank you, that’s one hell of a new word to learn

I love that I woke up to like four Tumblr posts from you just shouting my name. And it’s liiikke carrot-toe-mill-you-sis! AKA the most useless word in English (probably). 

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  • Oh my gosha Dasha seeing you do this made me want to do this so bad, I haven't done one since I was like 14.
  • 01: tell me the truth, what made you start liking the person you like right now?
  • We were being very playful when we first met. She was playing along with my silly stupidness (I adored it) and the more we talked the more interests we found we had in common, then I realized she was incredibly smart, funny and sweet, and I adore(d) her personality and mind.
  • 02: what on your body is hurting or bothering you?
  • My hands and wrists
  • 03: what was your last thought before going to bed last night?
  • I don't want a job. I don't need money right?
  • 04: what are you listening to?
  • TV playing in the background. It's infomercials. For some amazing ab-sculpting blender I'm sure.
  • 05: what’s something you’re not looking forward to?
  • Going back to work, paying off debts, future doctor's visits
  • 06: where do you think your best friend is right now?
  • In bed
  • 07: have you kissed anybody in the last five days?
  • Last kiss was almost two weeks ago (unfortunately)
  • 08: favorite song ?
  • I can't name one right now. I'm very into folk music at the moment, though.
  • 09: kiss on the first date?
  • I have before, but I don't think it's necessary. I prefer not to, I guess. Not that I have to worry about first dates anymore.
  • 10: is there one person you want to be with right now?
  • Yes! Of course! More than anything, if only I could win the lottery. She's on the other side of the world and I'm dying to be with her.
  • 11: are you seriously happy with where you are in life?
  • There are parts I'm happy with, but there's so much to work on. I'm getting there though.
  • 12: is there something you would like to say to someone?
  • Love you, miss you. I tell you every day though.
  • 13: what are three things you did today?
  • I put together stuff to send my girlfriend for her birthday. I met my friend Esme for dinner and drank at her apartment. I killed the shit out of some house flies using an electric swatter and felt like a trained killer. You trained me too well...
  • 14: would you rather sleep at a friend’s or have them over?
  • Have them over probably. For one, I like sleeping in my own bed, and two I like entertaining guests and being able to do whatever the hell I want in my own place
  • 15: what is your favorite kind of gum?
  • Some kind of mint
  • 16: are you friends with any of your ex boyfriends/ girlfriends?
  • I am
  • 17: what is on your wrists right now?
  • My watch, and skin and freckles and hair
  • 18: ever liked someone you thought you didn’t stand a chance with?
  • I never thought I stood a chance with anyone honestly. Have you seen me?
  • 19: does anyone have strong feelings for you?
  • Jeez I hope so
  • 20: are you slowly drifting away from someone?
  • I drift away from friends sometimes. That's just part of adulthood though, you find some kind of path in life and finally you're at an age where you want to go for something big, and you're taking time for yourself, you're dedicated to your life. At this point, you lose contact with people, but it's nothing personal. My dearest friends know I am available any time, and I know I can talk to them any time, and we can pick up again like no time's passed by at all.
  • 21: have you ever wasted your time on someone?
  • In my mind it seems like a waste, but actually it was good life experience. Nothing about it was really a waste.
  • 22: can you do the alphabet in sign language?
  • I think so! I haven't done it for a while so I might be rusty.
  • 23: how have you felt today?
  • Not bad. A little better than I have the last few days.
  • 24: you receive £60 without any reason, what do you spend it on?
  • I'd mail it back to England and say KEEP YOUR FILTHY MONEY YOU WANKERS! USA! USA! USA!
  • 25: what is wrong with you right now?
  • (This list would exceed the word limit for Tumblr)
  • 26: is there anyone you’re really disappointed in?
  • There is, but shit's TL;DR
  • 27: would you rather have starbucks or jamba juice right now?
  • I would adore a 50,000,000 calorie peanut butter moo'd smoothie from Jamba Juice right now (By the way Dasha, Jamba Juice is no way, shape or form healthy for you - it is LOADED with sugar and artificial crap - not to mention, lots of the smoothies have ice cream)
  • 28: why aren’t you in ‘love’ with your last ex anymore?
  • Sometimes you just know you're better off being friends with people, and not in a relationship with them.
  • 29: how late did you stay up last night and why?
  • About 2 a.m. I was drawing a bit, talking with my girlfriend, and I'm trying to get back into my unhealthy insomniac way of life.
  • 30: when was the last time you talked to one of your best friends?
  • Earlier today
  • 31: what were you doing an hour ago?
  • Eating leftover cheesecake while in my underwear and pondering life
  • 32: what are you looking forward to in the next month?
  • I can't think of anything right now. Liza's birthday, if I can do something special.
  • 33: are you wearing jeans right now?
  • 34: are you a patient person?
  • Usually I am extremely patient. But I also have anxiety, and can get really anxious and uncomfortable waiting for long periods of time.
  • 35: do you think you can last in a relationship for three months?
  • Absolutely
  • 36: favorite color?
  • 37: did you have a dream last night?
  • I had a weird dream about being back in high school and failing all of my tests, also I think Sarah Palin was one of my teachers - Then I went outside the classroom and started smoking pot. This one girl came up to me and asked if I was smoking and asked if she could have some. When I gave it to her, she said she's a cop and tried to handcuff me...But my wrists were too fat, so she couldn't. Eventually she caught me, but I started sobbing to the officers about how I was just trying to finish school and I couldn't do it and if I go to jail my life will be ruined. The cops felt bad and let me go, and I ran away and stole an orange car. The cops chased me down, and who knows what happened after that. Or wait, did this really happen?
  • 38: are you wearing jeans, shorts, sweatpants, or pajama pants?
  • 39: if someone could be cuddling you right now, who would you want it to be?
  • I'm sick of your bullshit Tumblr, stop rubbing it in
  • 40: do you love anyone who is not related to you?
  • Many people, in one way or another.
  • 41: if someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
  • It comes up from time to time with people. I don't mind when they tell me. I'm glad they can get it off their chest and we can talk about it. Usually when that happens we can go on being friends and things are just fine.
  • 42: do you like meeting new people?
  • I adore it. Not everyone, of course. Sometimes people are assholes and I hate meeting them. But mostly I like getting to meet new people.
  • 43: are you afraid of falling in love?
  • No worries now, friend
  • 44: ever self-harmed or starved yourself?
  • I have not self-harmed in any way before
  • 45: has anyone ever told you that you have pretty eyes?
  • Yes I hear this a lot - and a lot more since getting lasik
  • 46: have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough?
  • I am a human being. Of course I feel this way.
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i just fucking wanted the one


This is me, doing anything. ANYTHING. I always make a mess 100% of the time

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